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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Making the Most of Shade:
Verses Written in the Void

When the time stops leaning over the precipice of intrinsic loss
When the silvery polish of seconds turns to vastness of bearded rust

When the dinosaurs - complacent, sad -
start heading in a single file
toward the womb of their existence

Leafing through volumes of unrealized potential;
Shedding tears for collapsed novas and far-flung stellar matter
Drowning in their own inertia... Succumbing to the dumb density
of neutron mass...

When the space itself curls up to watch TV
and old reruns of Star Trek
When the Moon folds up and rolls to dance among the branches of asteroids
serenaded by all-knowing, glistening Saturn's rings -

...... Then will I find you
Swinging the megalithic slabs of darkness
Against the dead end of Finality,
Picking through the myriad bursting pieces, and laughing
As a Child.

@ Avi Abrams, 2011

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Summer, 2009


The Rain as a Stream of Individual Beings, Full of Life.
by Avi

Raindrops are solitary,
immense -

their sonorous staccato
searches the wind,
and the clouds,
for a fitting melody.


The Language of Ruins
by Avi and Rachel

A poet is -
a ruin

chosen for
the freedom of others

is the mirror

through which he escapes the pain-


Silence Prevails
by Avi

You are a delicate mystery

shrouded in thoughts, doubts, analysis

blooming in silence, just outside of gaze - that's when your quiet strength reaches out

establishing noble gestures

destroying light-weight simplicity

swirling, congesting into a tentative feeling

- an emotion,

an empathy

....pain moves in, predilected, ferocious, explodes into utter resistance, ocean pressed down to a drop

the heart trembles, silent, inadequate

thus -

Silence prevails.