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Sunday, October 30, 2005

"Memory Wind"

a poem by Avi Abrams
@ October, 2005

What is wind?
Shards of memories,
woefully inadequate; pieces of heart
lost in eternity
blowing through it all

What is a photograph?
A shrine where love dwells still,
shining silently amid the cobwebs
of haunted time

What is hope?
Spanning years.
Like a single trembling note
it can shatter the sanctity
of a silent winter

What is renewal?
A tree
pushing through endless layers
of the earhly grind,
bringing fresh greenery
to this strangely un-green world.

Only to shed its leaves
only to utter its last golden prayer;
only to remember the "One and Only"
Who comes and stays
With the wind.



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