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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Valentine Poem

composed on a Valentine Day:

The Cave Of In-Being
a poem by Avi Abrams

The smooth, vibrant flow of stalagmites,
piercing my life with
measured, unrelenting intrusion;

the pool of half-forgotten blunders,
shimmering and lurking -
unapproached in ages,
in the secret middle place
of the cave, where I spend my being;

the shattered openings in a roof
- alluring with the brightest flashes -
and threatening to collapse
upon me...

she enters.

Never did I invite anyone inside,
silence was my expression;
did I invent even her presence?
(my self is a culprit in a most
multitude of situations)

she approaches.
she whispers / cave replies with righteous
thunder, resonates with big, logical,
entirely scientific waves.

(and yet I know, she is a miracle.
'cause there is no entryway to my cave)

She admires the smooth flow of stalactites
and takes a dip in my pool...
she is unafraid.

Perhaps I should go forward and meet her,
because she is present in my future,
in my life in the glorious future - she is inside there already.
And nothing matters any more.

...the shape of the heart is the indented circle,
the bland, smooth ideal
by the persistent influence

@ February, 2005


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