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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

"The Music on the River"

The Music on the River

The music on the river
Opens quiet
With scent-united clouds,
tender wisps, lost seemingly
in thought and design
to soothe the dark-lit waters...

are dreaming to uphold
these sounds, and converge
with cello-bowed branches...

...this cathedral
is visited by two
unwoken souls, who
years and shores apart
have wondered once, if
bridges are forbidden,
and why they cannot even
see each other...

They stay in wonder, watching closed gates,
but pushed to enter.
In a moment,
their trust is tested,
Doors are open wide, and look, inside-
- the mountains are dancing!

There -
they found that
Love breathes in crescendos,
waters die;
a self-made bridge
may crumble in His pause...

The music on the river
finally departs;
But those who heard it once, will never stop
their raptured applause.

@ 1998, Avi Abrams

trumpet shell
(image credit: Tomasz Maronski)


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