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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Devotional - 2

Just a thought:

Christian "Symbol" (of sorts) is a fish. Why? Here is an idea:
Imagine the amazement and confusion of a fish, as it peeks out of the water at night (if a fish could feel all these emotions, of course).
Not only the fish sees a world of "air" - forbidden and alien world, in which it is a stranger, but it also glimpses STARS. The next world, a majestic starscape, which is profoundly beyond its comprehension. Now apply the same analogy to us, christians.
We come out at night, and gaze upon the stars - we see the forbidding and alien world of outer space, and we feel like strangers in this universe... but even more than that - we glimpse HEAVEN, behind the veil of this world, and then, as in example of a fish, we stand utterly amazed.


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