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Sunday, October 30, 2005


Avi & Rachel Abrams
@ Feb 2005

The present is a fire
licking at the edges of future
It slowly burns away
Red-hot, immediate
blackened, crumbling into
unreliable memory

The past is a crumpled sheet;
Skipping around the high points
Reality fades away
-- but returns, intense and startling

Moments of now
fall like snow
Innumerable; unique
Not even days of drudgery
are ever quite the same.
They pile into drifts until
the hot sun of passing time
fades and melts them.

...yet the Moment lasts longer;
Dwelling in memory, it lingers
in the afterimage of life,
reflecting watercolour of events
on it's smooth surface.
I look into a mirror
- next moment - it is me
looking at my own past.

There is an inertia of a passing moment.
"Slow time" is meant to help us, mortals
to consume intense eternity -
- a moment by softly-yielding moment

tends to linger.

"When God created time, He made lots of it"


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