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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Summer, 2009


The Rain as a Stream of Individual Beings, Full of Life.
by Avi

Raindrops are solitary,
immense -

their sonorous staccato
searches the wind,
and the clouds,
for a fitting melody.


The Language of Ruins
by Avi and Rachel

A poet is -
a ruin

chosen for
the freedom of others

is the mirror

through which he escapes the pain-


Silence Prevails
by Avi

You are a delicate mystery

shrouded in thoughts, doubts, analysis

blooming in silence, just outside of gaze - that's when your quiet strength reaches out

establishing noble gestures

destroying light-weight simplicity

swirling, congesting into a tentative feeling

- an emotion,

an empathy

....pain moves in, predilected, ferocious, explodes into utter resistance, ocean pressed down to a drop

the heart trembles, silent, inadequate

thus -

Silence prevails.



Blogger madison said...

Your words hold such truth, darling.
I feel so much with them.
Healing, you know?
Beautiful, beautiful.

6:20 AM  

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