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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

"Night Like This"

"Night Like This"

Rachel in the night
The eyes are asking the sweeping wind
which knows more, perhaps, than we.
Yet our hearts are close.
We brave the wonder
Of creaking sounds in a hushed house,
As though it's a wooden pier
on pressure of a ship
That just arrived, or yet intent on sailing.
So the answer lies, perhaps, in what's ahead.
Eyes cannot look on past
without lenses of sanity and wisdom, otherwise
Emotions blur like fairy christmas lights
on nights like this.

This night is magic.
No wonder that we speak of snowballs
And witches, pastors, kings,
of times of this- and other-worldly fun.
If two sharp lights lose focus, they together
perhaps could blend as
evershining ONE.

@ 1998, Avi Abrams

Photo @ A.Abrams


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